About Us

salvage knee
Cowboys Rebuilt Suspension was founded in 2013 by Eric Cowan as an answer to the problem of returned salvage suspension units.  With over 13 years experience in the salvage industry dealing with the day-to-day tasks of vehicle repair, Eric has worked with both insurance companies and collision shops.  As a result, a new option for replacing suspension assemblies has been created.  CRS specializes in reconditioning knee and knuckle assemblies to help save time and money while providing top quality suspension units.

recon knee
Typical salvage suspension is often returned immediately or requires disassembly to discard unusable parts.   All parts must be inspected for quality and then the unit is rebuilt before installation on the vehicle.  In some cases, the repairer may have to return the salvage parts and conduct a new search for a replacement, costing time and money.

Cowboys Rebuilt Suspension (CRS) fills a void in the collision industry by offering reconditioned suspension assemblies, saving repair time and the supplemental costs normally associated with using salvage parts.  CRS is taking the guesswork out of repairing suspension to ensure quality.

Insurance companies that do not use salvage parts can save up to 60% off OEM prices with our reconditioned product.

Salvage suspension unites are disassembled, sandblasted and inspected for stress cracks.  All wearable parts are replaced with OEM quality parts, such as wheel bearings, bushings, ball joints and strut/shocks.

Rust resistant paint is applied and the knee or knuckle is reassembled with OEM quality hub/bearings and ball joints as needed.

Replaced wearable parts carry a 12/12 warranty (see terms/warranty for more details) and the unit is delivered, ready to install on the vehicle, saving time and money for the repairer.

Your mechanic will thank you!