Preassembled Suspension

 Preassembled Steering Knuckles

Quick and Easy!  Remove and replace your complete steering knuckle in one piece.  Comes preassembled
and ready to install!  No special tools required, saving you time and money.
We carry all types of preassembled steering knuckles.
All preassembled steering knuckles come with:
OEM reconditioned knuckle
New wheel bearing
New or reconditioned hub
Reconditioned backing plate 
New ball joint where applicable
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 Complete Preassembled Suspension (knees)

Cowboys Rebuilt Suspension also sells reconditioned suspension knee assemblies.  This saves time having to order all the different parts from multiple places and insures getting the correct applications all in one order.  You will receive the preassembled steering knuckle assembly along with your strut assembly and control arm assembly.
All preassembled knees come with:
Preassembled steering knuckle
New strut/shock with reconditioned coil spring, insulators, strut bellow, strut mount, new strut bearing
Control arms with new ball joints and bushings

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