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There are some considerations for the mechanic upon installation.

All new ball joints with greasable zerks MUST be greased and all parts MUST be torqued to dealership specification after installation.

Thin backing plates might get a little bent during shipping.  Upon installation, be sure to slightly bend the backing plate away from the rotor or you will hear it rubbing or squealing.

Although we strive to send out the best looking units, paint scratches and dings in the backing plate are not uncommon and do not affect the quality or functionality of the unit.

Although this depends on the vehicle and your specific requirements, our recon knee assemblies will include a reconditioned steering knuckle, new wheel bearings, control arms with new ball joints, and a strut or shock assembly.


CRS offers a standard 12/12 warranty with every recon unit we sell.  Extended warranties are available.  See our full warranty and terms.


There is an old saying, “There is a right tool for the job”.  CRS has proper equipment to press out the old wheel bearing and press in the new wheel bearing.  Not only do we press, we inspect all parts during the process to insure a quality assembly.


In most cases, we will accept your core with no hassle. We do not accept cores from wrecked vehicles, but you will still be able to save money if this is the case.


A “core charge” is the deposit you pay for the recon product. CRS promotes recycling. You are charged a deposit when you purchase a recon product and you receive your deposit back when you return the old product or “core”.


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A rebuildable knuckle or spindle is one that is not bent or cracked.  We will accept your rebuildable knuckle spindle and refund a core deposit.

All units are gloss black in color.  If you are looking for a customized color, contact us and we will be happy to let you know if it is possible.  Additional cost may apply.

Cowboys Rebuilt Suspension will ship anywhere in the USA. Prices vary based on weight and shipping distance.  Contact CRS for an accurate shipping price.

Reconditioned Steering Knuckle Assembly – shipping starting at $35.

Reconditioned Knee Assembly – shipping starting at $50

Shipping is free for deliveries in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex.

CRS offers a recon knee assembly for their customers.  This is NOT a used unit.  All wearable parts are replaced and covered with our standard 12/12 warranty.  Each recon knee assembly is clean, inspected, painted, and assembled with NEW wearable parts.

A knee assembly is a term that is used in the collision and salvage industry.  The knee assembly is a full suspension unit and includes the steering knuckle, wheel bearing/hub, strut assembly/shock, and control arms with ball joints.



Failing wheel bearings can cause a rumbling or clicking noise while turning and while driving at speeds greater than 15 miles per hour. Wheel bearings, also known as hub bearings, need to be replaced if they are found to be worn, loose, or leaking during related repairs or inspections. If your steering is a little loose or the noise gets worse when you step on the brake, you may need to replace a wheel bearing. If there is play in the wheel (up and down) or the tire spins a bit faster than the wheel hub, it could be a sign of a bad wheel bearing.


A wheel bearing is the attributing factor to the absence of friction and smooth operation of the vehicle’s chassis. Failing wheel bearings are noisey and will overheat as well. If you fail to address this problem, the problem will worsen and there are higher chances of having an accident.

Like other mechanical or industrial devices that have bearings, vehicle wheel bearings should also be replaced when you observe malfunctions or signs of deterioration.

Don’t disregard the importance of wheel bearings for ensuring vehicle safety. Make sure that you only buy dependable brands and hire experienced and licensed mechanics to replace defective wheel bearings

Wheel bearings, which are located on the wheel hub, are essential in the operation of your vehicle. More precisely, a wheel bearing is crucial for the proper function of the hub, tire and wheel assemblies to work together. The wheel bearing allow friction-free movement and rotation of the hub assembly, and thereby provides smooth tire and wheel rotation.


Yes! Just like anyone else looking for a good deal, insurance companies work with Cowboys Rebuilt Suspension to help save a little money while not giving up any quality. We have several clients who are top insurers.

Collision shops know where to get a good product for their customers by dealing with Cowboys Rebuilt Suspension. We do business with many large and small collision shops nationwide.


CRS specializes in recon knuckle assemblies. The customer can simply “unbolt” their steering knuckle and exchange it for a recon knuckle assembly. No more need to press wheel bearings using our products.


In automotive suspension, a steering knuckle is the part which contains the wheel hub or spindle, and attaches to the suspension components. It is also called a spindle, upright or hub.

CRS offers reconditioned steering knuckle assemblies that will save you time, money and hassle. We have specialized tools and equipment to disassemble, clean, inspect, and install new wheel bearings with every steering knuckle.


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There are several benefits to purchasing a recon knee assembly:

  • Save Time!  By receiving all of the suspension parts already assembled, there is no need to order from multiple vendors or have wrong parts arrive, which can cause days of waiting.
  • Save Money!  Suspension parts can be very expensive and the labor to put everything together will add up quickly.  By having everything ready to go and covered with warranty, you are cutting the cost of vehicle down time for the customer and car rental.
  • Save Hassle!  If you are dealing with a wrecked vehicle, there is no need to guess on what is good or bad by replacing the entire knee assembly.


CRS offers a standard 12/12 warranty with every recon unit we sell.  Extended warranties are available.  Our process takes the hard work out of the customer’s hands and allows easy “bolt-on” the vehicle and go.


The average cost for a front wheel bearing replacement is between $327 and $461. Labor costs are estimated between $195 and $247 while parts are priced between $132 and $214. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

CRS has developed a recon steering knuckle assembly to save you time and money. Our recon steering knuckle assemblies come pre-assembled with new quality wheel bearings pressed into the steering knuckle and arready to be bolted to the vehicle.


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